November 17, Saturday

The Shower (소나기) (2017)

Directed by AHN Jae-hun
South Korea | G | Animation | Korean | 48 min
Venue: Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue
Time: Nov 16, 11:00am, Nov 17, 11:00am

A special Cinemini edition part of the Korean Film Festival’s Dubai edition co-presented by the Korea-Arab Society and in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center. A girl spends time on one of the stepping stones at a brook, whilst a boy stays put awkwardly for days as she’s blocking his way. As the girl breaks the silence and the two start to get along, having fun together in the mountains, a sudden shower of rain pours down and the girl falls ill…


Black Girl (La Noire De…) (1966)

Directed by Ousmane Sembene
France, Senegal | PG | Drama | French | 65 min
Venue: Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue
Time: Nov 14, 7:30pm, Nov 17, 5:00pm

Ousmane Sembène was one of the greatest and most groundbreaking filmmakers who ever lived, as well as the most renowned African director of the twentieth century—and yet his name still deserves to be better known in the rest of the world. He made his feature debut in 1966 with the brilliant and stirring Black Girl. Sembène, who was also an acclaimed novelist in his native Senegal, transforms a deceptively simple plot—about a young Senegalese woman who moves to France to work for a wealthy white family and finds that life in their small apartment becomes a prison, both figuratively and literally—into a complexly layered critique of the lingering colonialist mindset of a supposedly postcolonial world. Featuring a moving central performance by M’Bissine Thérèse Diop, Black Girl is a harrowing human drama as well as a radical political statement—and one of the essential films of the 1960s.


Shoplifters (万引き家族) (2018)

Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda
Japan | R | Crime, Drama | Japanese | 121 min
Venue: Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue

Winner of the Palme d’Or at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. A Japanese couple stuck with part-time jobs and hence inadequate incomes avail themselves of the fruits of shoplifting to make ends meet. They are not alone in this behaviour. The younger and the older of the household are in on the act. The unusual routine is about to change from carefree and matter-of-fact to something more dramatic, however, as the couple open their doors to a beleaguered teenager. The reasons for the family and friends’ habit and their motivations come under the microscope. 

Leto (Лето) (2018)

Directed by Kirill Serebrennikov
France, Russia | R | Biography, Music, Romance | English, Russian | 126 min
Venue: Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue

Leningrad, one summer in the early eighties. Smuggling LP’s by Lou Reed and David Bowie, the underground rock scene is boiling ahead of the Perestroika. Mike and his beautiful wife Natasha meet with young Viktor Tsoï. Together with friends, they will change the destiny of rock’n’roll in the Soviet Union.