November 13, Tuesday

The Fortress (남한산성) (2017)

Directed by HWANG Dong-Hyuk
South Korea | PG-13 | Action, Drama, History, War | Korean | 140 min
Venue: Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue
Time: Nov 13, 7:00pm

Free screening. A public presentation part of the Korean Film Festival’s Dubai edition co-presented by the Korea-Arab Society and in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center. In 1636, the Qing dynasty attacks Joseon. King Injo and his retainers, including Choi Myung-kil and Kim Sang-hun, hide in the mountain fortress city of Namhansanseong. They are isolated from the outside. Meanwhile, Choi Myung-kil insists that they enter into negotiations with the Qing dynasty, but Kim Sang-hun proposes that they keep fighting. Tickets for The Fortress are free on a first-come-first-seated basis.


My Pure Land (2017)

Directed by Sarmad Masud
Pakistan, UK | PG | Drama, Thriller | English, Urdu | 92 min
Venue: Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue

A young woman called Nazo and her mother and sister are called to defend their home after a bitter family feud leads to her father’s incarceration. In their isolated farmhouse in Pakistan, the women find themselves surrounded by armed men hired by their Uncle Mehrban to take back the land. When Nazo’s resistance leaves two of the men dead, an enraged Mehrban calls in a local ragtag militia – two hundred armed bandits. But even with only a handful of bullets left, Nazo refuses to give in.