October 03, Wednesday

The Color of Pomegranates (1969)

Directed by Sergei Parajanov
Soviet Union | PG | Drama | Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian | 79 min
Venue: Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue
Time: Oct 3, 7:30pm, Oct 6, 5:00pm

A breathtaking fusion of poetry, ethnography, and cinema, Sergei Parajanov’s masterwork overflows with unforgettable images and sounds. In a series of tableaux that blend the tactile with the abstract, The Color of Pomegranates revives the splendors of Armenian culture through the story of the eighteenth-century troubadour Sayat-Nova, charting his intellectual, artistic, and spiritual growth through iconographic compositions rather than traditional narrative.

McQueen (2018)

Directed by Ian BonhĂ´te, Peter Ettedgui
UK | R | Biography, Doc | English | 111 min
Venue: Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue

A personal look at the extraordinary life, career and artistry of Alexander McQueen. Through exclusive interviews with his closest friends and family, recovered archives, exquisite visuals and music, McQueen is an authentic celebration and thrilling portrait of an inspired yet tortured fashion visionary.