Saudi Shorts (2016)

Directed by Ali Kalthami, Fares Godus, Meshal Aljaser, Sohayb Godus
Saudi Arabia | PG | Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi | Arabic | 101

The regional premiere of three shorts by the Saudi Telfaz11 collective commissioned for Saudi Film Days, a public film series in Hollywood, California.

Directed by: Ali Kalthami
2016 | Arabic | Saudi Arabia |  PG | Drama | 34

Based on true events from ten years ago when a group of extremists attacked a theatrical play Wasati bela Wastiah (A Moderate Without a Middle-Ground) and shut it down.

Is Sumyati Going to Hell? (Sumyati Btedkhol Elnar?)
Directed by: Meshal Aljaser
2016 | Arabic | Saudi Arabia | PG | Comedy | 30

A Saudi family treats its Filipina maid, Sumyati, with racist contempt — except for the young daughter, who loves her and asks tough questions.

Predicament In Sight (Wa Ka’abat Al Manthar)
Directed by: Sohayb & Fares Godus
2016 | Arabic | Saudi Arabia |  PG | Sci-Fi | 37

A sci-fi story of a plane crash set in the seventies. After failed attempts by survivors to contact the outside world; they are forced to coexist.