Funny Face (1957)

Directed by Stanley Donen
USA | PG | Comedy, Musical, Romance | English | 103
Venue: Market OTB, Burj Park

What better way to kick off a film program than with a little humor, a lot of pizzazz and stars like Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire? The musical is satire of fashion and fashion photography, with Astaire’s character Dick Avery based on the celebrated Richard Avedon, who was a great portrait photographer as well as a fashion photographer, and who took the iconic image of Hepburn’s face used in the production (the one in which only her eyes, eyebrows and mouth are visible). With music by Gershwin and gowns by Givenchy, directed by the great Stanley Donen – Funny Face is the ultimate crowd pleasing fashion film of all time.