Cinephilia Filmmakers to Watch 2016 (2016)

PG | 120
Venue: The Yard, Alserkal Avenue

Cinephilia Filmmakers to Watch Series 2016 returns to Cinema Akil and Alserkal Avenue with a brand new program featured in this special screening of this year’s edition. The program features 5 of the best short films from the region curated by filmmaker and screenwriter Darine Hoteit. The screening comes to you as part of Work in Progress a season of outdoor cinema in The Yard brought to you by Alserkal Avenue and Cinema Akil.


Curated by: Darine Hoteit
2016 | 5 short narrative films | titles listed below | Total dur: 120 min

Launched in 2013, Cinephilia Filmmakers to Watch series is an annual screening program that highlights the work of unique and remarkable voices from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Cinephilia curates 5 narrative short films and sets them to screen around the world at art house independent cinemas, art galleries and cultural spaces. Screenings are followed by Q&A sessions with filmmakers, and occasionally, a panel discussion presenting local Filmmakers and industry professionals to discuss the current of short films in the region.

Cinephilia Filmmakers to Watch 2016 Edition Films:

Directed by: Hamid Saïdi & Jonathan Mason
Algeria | PG | Arabic, French, Italian | 20 min

A kaleidoscopic journey through the streets of Algiers in Hocine Filali’s ramshackle taxi. With dreams of setting sail for a better life in Italy, Hocine will first have to escape the grip of this magical city and its colorful cast of characters.

Directed by Oualid Mouaness
Lebanon | PG | Arabic | 19 mins

Two brothers cross the line when they use a household rifle without their father’s consent to unexpected consequences.

Directed by Emin Akpinar
Turkey | G | Turkish | 5 min

Muhsin, a retired and simple man, lives in an old house with his wife. One day, while watching the news on television, he sees his own mug shot. The reporter claims that Muhsin is the head of a terrorist group, and he is going to be killed during the protests
that day.

Directed by Hiwot Admasu
Ethiopia | PG | Amharic | 13 min

A young girl on the threshold of puberty is facing an event that will trouble her for the first time. As the day unfolds, her unconscious mingles with her agitation, in the semi-urban environment that surrounds her.

Directed by Faiza Ambah
Saudi Arabia, France | G | French | 44 min

French Muslim teenager, Mariam, must choose between her hijab & school when France passes a law in 2004 banning religious symbols from public schools. A rare portrait of the coming-of-age of a Muslim teen, the themes of Islamophobia, the diversity of the Muslim experience, the choice of some Muslim women to wear
the hijab, and the assimilation and acceptance of Muslims in the West.