November 03, Saturday

17 (2017)

Directed by Widad Shafakoj
Jordan | PG | Documentary | Arabic | 73 min
Venue: Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue
Time: Nov 3, 5:00pm

“17” is a social exploration into the lives of young women who are passionate about a sport they have been told was only for men. The film follows the Jordanian under-17 women’s football team as they prepare for the FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup Jordan 2016. Coming from different backgrounds, each of the girls has faced a different set of challenges as a national team player. But now they come together to face their biggest challenge yet.

The film screening is followed by a Q&A with director Widad Shafakoj.

Until The Birds Return (ﻃﺒﻴﻌﺔ اﻟﺤﺎل) (2017)

Directed by Karim Moussaoui
Algeria, France, Germany | None | Drama | Arabic, French | 113 min
Venue: Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue

Three stories set in today’s Algeria. In Algiers, Mourad, a property developer is wealthy and more or less satisfied with his lot but he does not know how to make happy those close to him; Lila, his confused ex-wife; Rash, his frustrated second wife; Nacim, his disenchanted son. Djabil, Mourad’s chauffeur, has accepted to drive Aicha and his father from Algiers to Biskra where the young woman is to be married civilly. Now, Djabil happens to be Aicha’s lover. In Sétif, Dahman, a neurologist, hopes to marry Radia at last. But the promotion he expects seems to be put off forever. He is in double trouble when a woman accuses him of serious wrongdoing.

My Pure Land (2017)

Directed by Sarmad Masud
Pakistan, UK | PG | Drama, Thriller | English, Urdu | 92 min
Venue: Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue

A young woman called Nazo and her mother and sister are called to defend their home after a bitter family feud leads to her father’s incarceration. In their isolated farmhouse in Pakistan, the women find themselves surrounded by armed men hired by their Uncle Mehrban to take back the land. When Nazo’s resistance leaves two of the men dead, an enraged Mehrban calls in a local ragtag militia – two hundred armed bandits. But even with only a handful of bullets left, Nazo refuses to give in.