March 22, Wednesday

We Are Just Fine Like This (2016)

Directed by Mehdi M. Barsaoui
Tunisia | PG | Fiction, Short | Arabic | 19 min
Venue: Warehouse421, Mina Zayed
Time: Mar 22, 7:30pm

Baba Azizi (played by legendary director Nouri Bouzid) is an old man, who has not been spared by illness. Passed around by his adult children, he finds himself at his daughter’s for a couple of days. An ordeal is expected, but things will not go as he imagines.

A Present from the Past (2015)

Directed by Kawthar Younis
Egypt | PG | Documentary | Arabic | 80 min
Venue: Warehouse421, Mina Zayed, Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
Time: Mar 22, 7:30pm, Aug 30, 8:00pm

Mokhtar, a filmmaking professor, receives an unexpected present on his 75th birthday from his daughter Kawthar, a filmmaker in her early 20’s. With two plane tickets to Rome, one for him and another for his daughter, he has a second chance to search for his unfulfilled love – Patrizia – an Italian woman whom he abandoned 33 years ago with a promise to come back for her, but never did. Kawthar filmed the experience with hidden cameras and used home videos to capture the real essence of their father/daughter relationship that fluctuates throughout the trip.